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Are you tired of breathing in dusty air and dealing with poor indoor air quality? Our professional A/C Duct Cleaning service is here to help! We specialize in thoroughly and effectively cleaning your A/C ducts to ensure that you and your family can enjoy clean and fresh air throughout your home.

Did You Know?

  • An air conditioning (A/C) unit will lose 5% of its overall efficiency every year it goes without proper professional maintenance.
  • With regular maintenance, an A/C unit will keep up to 96% of its original efficiency.
  • Systems operating at peak efficiency can cut monthly energy costs by up to 25%.
  • Proper maintenance effectively doubles the lifespan of the average A/C system.

Even more important are the benefits for health. Health risks associated with poor air quality can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper system maintenance. And a unit working at its full capacity will keep your home more comfortable by controlling humidity and maximizing the cooling available.

What’s Included?

Cleaning and sanitization of A/C Duct in accordance with SMACNA-NADCA ACR 2013 Standard using NADCA-certified technicians, comprising filters, supply and return connected ducting, using HEPA-filtered Roto brush – air & power-driven agitation equipment, with Dubai Municipality & EPA-approved chemicals. Deep Cleaning, vacuuming fogging, and sanitization of only reachable/accessible areas in accordance with SMACNA standards.

What’s Excluded?

  • Parts and materials
  • Insulation works
  • Gas charging
  • Repairs
  • Washing of indoor cooling coils

Note: An additional cost is payable for the above ‘excluded’ services, for which we would be delighted to provide a quotation on request.

Important Information:

  • Fees are charged to the customer’s account, and 100% of the fee is payable in advance.
  • In the case of missed appointments, we reserve the right to retain the callout fee.
  • A job will be finished by the team on the same visit unless parts need to be ordered to complete the job, for which the job completion will be delayed.
  • Parts and materials are subject to availability in the UAE.

Prices for different areas might vary, and a sight survey is required for some areas.

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